Love of Heaven

Do you know anyone who shows unfailing love? Most people will think of someone special in their life like a mother or father, a best friend, or Mother Theresa. But really, is that accurate?

Think of the word: unfailing. The very definition points to actions that have never missed the mark. As much as a caring mother or father, friend, pet, or even a Mother Theresa strive to love unconditionally, at some point they have all failed. We have all failed. Sometimes we act in our own interests instead of others, even when we love someone so deeply that we would never intentionally want to hurt them. Nevertheless, none of us can say we have loved unfailingly.

In the Psalms of the Bible, the writer David makes reference to God multiple times as exhibiting unfailing love. He connects God’s actions to intervene on Earth with the nature of His unfailing love for us. In the sixth Psalm the writer cries out in weakness:

“Return, O Lord, and rescue me.
Save me because of your unfailing love.”

When we are at our weakest and most dire point, God’s unfailing love for us causes Him to act! He will not ignore us. He will not fail to act. His love will never fail.

Now, this is not to say that He will always act in accordance to what we think should happen. His love may be unfailing, but his actions may not match our preferences. If we cry out to Heaven and ask for help, we are saying that we trust that God is big enough to know the right way to handle the situation. We have to think beyond what is right in front of us.

Our lives and fortunes can turn in an instant. We are frail and temporal. I was struck by this fact today. Anything we have and experience can be taken from us. Things change quickly. Fear begins to sets in. We never know what today or tomorrow may bring. But through it all, there is a God in Heaven who will rescue you because of his unfailing love…

…if you will only ask.


When they finally kill God…

I was praying today during my lunch break and was reading Psalm 2 in the Bible. In the passage it talks about how the rulers of Earth are plotting to destroy God, but that God sits in heaven and laughs at them because they futile against His will. I began to think and something popped into my head:

When they finally kill God, what will they do with their guilt?

Obviously, I don’t believe that they can actually kill God, but metaphorically speaking when the day comes that they have convinced enough people through schools and on television, and everywhere else that God is an antiquated and irrelevant concept, what will they do then? For a split moment there will be the falsehood of victory and indulgence. The world will rejoice in it’s own Godhood. But then the guilt returns.

When they finally kill God, what will they be left with? What will they do then? When they realize there is more to their existence than themselves?

When they finally kill God, what will they do with their guilt?