I read this today from one of the blogs I read, Stuff Christians Like. I have been suffering from allergies terribly the last few days, and each spring and fall prior. I wanted to share it with you. It’s funny, but also has a bit of truth in place.

Wondering Why God Created Allergies

Ahh, spring is upon us. Bluebirds are singing jaunty tunes. Pastel flowers are poking their heads out after long winter naps. Woodland creatures are dancing about.

And I am sneezing.

And sniffling.

And constantly looking like I’m crying from watching a particularly heart-wrenching Lifetime Channel Movie.

I have allergies and am discovering that in Nashville spring blooms like a big bowl of pollen covered frosted mini wheats.

I’m taking Claritin D. I’ve scheduled an appointment with an allergist. I’m drinking throat coat before I speak on stage because my voice kind of sounds like a smoky lounge singer right now. But why?

Why did God create allergies? Have you ever stopped to think about that? Why do they exist? Here are five possible explanations I came up with:

Reasons God Created Allergies

1. Keep me humble.

One Sunday at church, I was snorting so much that the lady next to me just handed me a tissue. She didn’t ask if I needed one, I didn’t ask her for one, she just thrust it in my hand, which is church aisle language for “Shut up, please shut up already with that nose of yours.” Maybe God created allergies to keep me humble. It’s my thorn in the flesh or thorn in the sinus if you will. Seems a little extreme that he would create a planet impacting form of pollen just to keep me humble, but me even thinking that probably proves why he needed to do it.

2. Support pharmacies and pharmacists

My sister in law Marci is studying to be a pharmacist. I have friends who are drug reps. I’m sure someone I know worked on one of the bajillion allergy commercials you see this time of year. There are tens of thousands of people with families and kids and lives supported by people who have allergies. Maybe that’s why God invented them.

3. Teach me patience.

Have you tried to buy allergy medicine lately? In order to prevent illegal purchases, you now have to fill out a form, show your driver’s license, buy one small box at a time, submit to a retinal scan and write a 300 word essay on why you feel you deserve the Claritin D. Maybe this is all just a lesson in patience.

4. Bees need pollen.

In the current issue of National Geographic there’s a story about pollen and bees. I didn’t read it because just looking at the photos made me sneeze and there was an article on kung fu that I found very distracting/awesome. I like honey. Maybe that’s the tradeoff. God created allergies because honey is so fantastic. I think I can get down with that.

5. In all things God works for the good

Is this a Romans 8:28 situation? “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Should I recite that verse every time I feel my itchy red eyes tearing up?

It has to be one of those reasons. Or maybe allergies are part of the fall? Was the Garden of Eden hypoallergenic and then when Adam and Eve got kicked out they were expelled to a pollen filled land of woe? Am I overthinking this? Probably.

Why do you think God created allergies?

Do you have any allergies?


The Existence of God

Have you ever looked at a scene from nature and been completely overwhelmed by its beauty?

I remember once, several years ago, I was on a flight heading somewhere. I had a window seat and was alone. I remember looking out the window at one point, once we had climbed above the clouds, and saw the most majestic and awe-inspiring scene I had ever experienced. It’s difficult to describe the view, but it was like the sun was setting on a horizon of clouds. The colors washed over the fluffy pillows of white like a reflection on a crystal clear lake. It was breathtaking. In that moment, I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t help but feel like I was connected to something greater than myself. Something that created such an amazing display. It was as if my soul was leaping out of my body to greet it’s creator. Similar to a puppy, so ecstatic to see his master walk through the front door. In that space and time, I was never closer to the truth that God exists.

There have been other times that I have come across beautiful landscapes or pictures from Heaven, but none quite like that day. But each one has served to remind me of that single encounter and what it meant to me. I can never forget that God exists or that He paints beautiful pictures to show me that He loves me. I tell my kids that same thing all the time. Sometimes, while we are driving in the car we will see something beautiful and I will point to it and show them. I’ll ask, “Isn’t that such a beautiful picture God painted for us?” They respond back like typical children, nodding their head in agreement, but not fully understanding the meaning of it. It’s ok, though, because my children will grow up with wonder and amazement at the beautiful creation that God has designed to prove His existence to the world.

Romans 1:20-23; 25 talks about how mankind once knew the truth about God and His creation, but chose to forget Him. We have lost sight of what is all around us, and have become numb to the rumblings of our souls crying for the truth.

That day on the airplane, my soul broke free and came alive from the slumber of my God-less existence. Now, whenever I see the leaves turn in the fall, the sun setting over the ocean, snow falling, or the even the wind blowing gently on a spring day I am reminded that God exists and He loves me. And He wants to know me.

He wants to know you too.

Would you wake up and see?