Jared and Heather Lanza

Lefty is Jared Lanza. A husband, a father, a friend, a pastor, a philosopher. As you might have guessed, Jared is left-handed and so the nickname was born.

Welcome to my blog! All are welcome. This is a place where I can collect and share my thoughts on various topics, particularly related to faith and life.

My goal is to draw attention to the goings-on in the world, whether near or far, and simply add to the conversation that others are almost certainly already engaged in. I might not offer anything profound, but I believe there are many people who want to have honest discussions about the world we live in, the events that occur daily, and the impact they have on our lives and our future. I want to try to “read between the lines of life.” I invite you to join me. I look forward to your comments!

*Lefty loves to over-analyze and think philosophically about almost anything. He cares deeply about people and the issues that affect them and their families. He is the pastor of Encounter Church (www.encounterpgh.com), a life-giving church in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife and their two children.*

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